Types of Coconut Oil

Types of Coconut Oil


So Many Types of Coconut Oil – Which One is Best?

Types of Coconut OilOne of the most daunting tasks for someone that wants to start using coconut oil is figuring out which one to buy. With so many types of coconut oil on the market, which one should you get?

What are the differences between all the types of coconut oil?

Is one type of coconut oil better than another? Does it depend on what you are using it for?

That is what we will try to answer over the next few days as we build out this section of our coconut-oil-uses.com. We understand that choosing a type of coconut oil can be tough. But we want to help clear things up!

Trust us: different types of coconut oil should be used for different reasons. Some are better for cooking, while others may be better for a hair conditioner. Others are may be better for a facial moisturizer.

So what are the different types of coconut oil that are available on the market? See our list of articles here:

We will be adding more as we conduct our research to make sure you get all of the answers.

And that is not even a comprehensive list! Further confusing the matter is the fact that many companies sell products that combine many of these things. For example, is “organic coconut oil” different from “virgin organic coconut oil”?

That is a great question, and one we plan to figure out an answer over the next few weeks as we build out this part of the website. So be sure to hang out and subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you updated as we figure it all out!