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Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil Review

Natures Way Organic Coconut Oil

Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil Rating:

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Nature's Way Organic Coconut Oil

Recent research shows that many people prefer to buy extra virgin coconut oil because of the health benefits that are associated with them. This has given life to a wide range of extra virgin coconut oil types. How does Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil stand up under our review process?

Quality of the Ingredients:

First, this is a USDA Organic certified product (click here to learn more about what that means!). Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil is unbleached and unrefined from non-GMO coconuts, which all suggests a higher quality oil. Nature’s Way also claims that this is a pure and unrefined product that can provide up to 8,694 milligrams of natural energy when used as a dietary supplement.

Flavor and Smell:

We found that Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil had a very delicious and creamy taste. It was great to include it in meals even without cooking or heating it. The taste was very neutral when it was used in different types of smoothies, shakes, or coffee. It also worked OK as a spread or in salad dressings.

Overall, the taste and smell is more on the neutral side. It does not contain an overly “coconutty” nature to it.

When we used it for cooking purposes, it was a good replacement for  butter, shortening, margarine or any other cooking oil that might be used for frying or baking. The oil is rated for uses up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. We noticed that it did start to break down around this temperature, so be sure to monitor it if you are using for frying.

Effectiveness and Uses:

We found Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil to be extremely useful on a day-to-day basis.

As a replacement to a normal hair conditioner, Nature’s Way worked just as good as expensive salon bought conditioners. But all in a much more natural way!

Using Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil as a moisturizer left the skin soft and smooth. It also eliminated the little bumps that sometimes develop on the back of your arms. Some of our testers mentioned that it helped with maintaining healthy cuticles too.

If you are planning to consume Nature’s Way Coconut Oil-extra Virgin as a supplement, you are advised to take one to four tablespoons per day.

Nature’s Way Organic Coconut Oil is available on Amazon:

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